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Living a healthy life should be simple...

Years of experience in the health and wellness industry are combined together to create an easy-to-implement program to achieve a happier, healthier life.

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What makes this program different?

Many people in the industry try to overcomplicate the process. Truly, the answer is simple. We have to take it back to nature and modify our modern lifestyle to be closer to how nature intended. I want to provide you with the action steps you need to succeed without the trial and error I experienced along the way. This message is so important because everyone deserves to feel better in their body. After all, we only get one in this lifetime. When we work together, it allows you to remove the confusion and  focus on steps toward becoming the stronger, healthier, better version of you.


Ways to work with Alyssa Spaw


Public Speaking

An encompassed program with up to 4 hours of material designed to help you create simple healthy habits for a lifetime.



options available


Corporate Wellness

A wellness plan designed to help you and your company excel and make a greater, more powerful impact.



options available


One-on-One Coaching

Individual coaching designed to help you break through your barriers and  pursue the healthiest version of you.



coaching options available


Previous corporate client

"Alyssa was incredibly good at unpacking a WEALTH of information into digestible pieces. I got more actionable items from this talk than any I can recently remember. I think the virtual format actually works incredibly well for her. Will be passing her information along!"

Previous corporate client

"I have heard many health and wellness speakers. However, Alyssa was different than most speakers. Her content was very research-based and action-oriented. I left feeling ready to take on new health and wellness goals, and had a slew of resources at my disposal. It was a wonderful presentation, and delivered in a very approachable format. I would recommend Alyssa to any Vistage group looking to explore how to live a healthy lifestyle."

Previous corporate client

"I had a doctor in attendance that took 6 pages of notes, nodded his head often and stayed after for 15 minutes talking with her. She did a GREAT job. All delivered in a very positive way as and you don't leave feeling guilty."

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