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Meet Alyssa


Hello beautiful human. I'm Alyssa Spaw! In the most simple terms, I am a certified personal trainer and wellness speaker in the St. Petersburg, FL area. Pleased to meet you! Let's go deeper.


In 2015, I earned my Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology with a Neuroscience emphasis. Toward the end of my junior year and into the beginning of my senior year, I caught the health and fitness bug. Something in my mind suddenly clicked and I realized I needed to make a change to the body that had been plagued with insecurities. I dug deep and finally found the strength within my mind to commit to my goals. 


While this started with at home workout programs and a ton of personal research, it soon led me toward the competitive sport of Bodybuilding (while I had never been good at any other sport throughout high school, might I add). In September 2016 I competed in my first NGA show and won 1st place in my Bikini Division class. While all of that is great and all, this brings me to explain a little bit more about my business and why I want to help YOU. I understand this approach might not resonate with you right now.

My journey started with a unstoppable desire to gain physical strength in the gym, my mental strength faltered when I found myself spiraling into an eating disorder (refer to blog post on my transformation story). When this caused a decline in my hard earned strength in the gym and interfered with valuable relationships outside of the gym, I realized something needed to change. My life couldn't revolve around food and the gym. (And neither should yours!) Improving the strength of my mind by treating my disorder slowly gave me the ability to start posting about my transformation. It helped me realize the power of combining both mental health and physical health as a message and inspiration to help others who may be experiencing much similar circumstances.

Throughout my fitness journey, I have been on a never ending pursuit of strength. My mind was geared toward getting stronger, but no one is immune to the falsities of the fitness industry today. I have learned so many lessons along the way. These lessons have helped me shape my Wellness consulting business into an undeniable force that encompasses both your mental health along with your physical health. Without strength in your mind to commit to your goals, you cannot expect strength in your body. They're forever intertwined. 

And so... I want to help you do the same!


In order for your body to thrive, you need to create a healthy relationship with food, your mind, and your body. I know from experience that all of the information out there can be confusing. Trying to figure out what to do to reach your goals is hard when so many people say you should do it their way or no way. What's really important is finding what works for YOU. (ATTENTION: If you are truly struggling with an eating disorder, I can provide you with more resources to get help. I do not claim to be a therapist but instead aim to help individuals who may be experiencing these behaviors and need information based in science to meet their personal goals.)

I understand that the culture today creates a desire to be smaller; a lesser version of you. But why not strive to be more - to be better than you were the day before? It's all about making small, sustainable changes so that you can spend more time with the people that matter most. We tend to set such high expectations for ourselves and can get discouraged before we truly see how far we've come. I want to be there to help you set and achieve your goals. I want to help you stay accountable and never lose hope in your ability to succeed. With the strength in your mind comes the strength in your body!

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