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Bring an inspiring message of health and wellness to your audience...

Combining years of experience and research, Alyssa Spaw presents an easy-to-implement program for you and your group to start using right away.

How to be a Happy Healthy Human 

The health and wellness space can be complicated and confusing. Alyssa demystifies all of it in this program and shows individuals how to live better, faster, stronger, healthier, and hopefully, longer lives by investing only four hours per week. The Happy Healthy Human program identifies the top six aspects of health, wellness and longevity (stress, sleep, water, nutrition, exercise, and anti-fragile). The program explains how they are affecting our current level of health and demonstrates easy-to-implement actions to help the body and brain perform at above optimum levels. Backed by science, experience, and millions of years of evolutionary biology, this three-hour eye-opening presentation will leave your group motivated to become better than they could have previously thought possible.

The promised value to you and your group:

You will leave with your notepad jammed full of action items to immediately implement in your life and with your work groups. Taking action against these concepts can lead to greater productivity, weight loss, lower systemic inflammation, greater creativity, increased learning, increased neuroplasticity, lessened disease risks, and increased vitality.

Formats include:

  • ONE 3.5 hour session that covers Stress management, Sleep, Water Intake, Nutrition, Exercise, and Anti-fragile with limited Q&A

  • TWO 2 hour sessions covering 3 topics per session plus Q&A

  • FOUR 1 hour sessions that cover 1-2 topics per session plus Q&A

  • SIX 1 hour sessions that cover 1 topic per session plus extensive Q&A

What Our Clients Say


Previous corporate attendee

"Alyssa was incredibly good at unpacking a WEALTH of information into digestible pieces. I got more actionable items from this talk than any I can recently remember. I think the virtual format actually works incredibly well for her. Will be passing her information along!"

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