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Start a corporate wellness program for your team.

If you're noticing that your team is lacking energy and motivation, productivity is declining, and sick days are accumulating, but you're at a loss - it's time to help them take control of their health.

Why start a wellness program?

​A company that implements a wellness program sees a...

  • 27% reduced sick leave and absenteeism

  • 26% reduction in health care spending

  • 12% reduction in workplace induced stress

  • 8% increase in productivity

  • 67% increase in morale and engagement

  • 45% improvement in employee retention

  • 89% increase in happiness

  • and an overall 581% ROI

What this program includes:

  • Access to the full Happy Healthy Human program with education on Stress, Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise, and Anti-fragile

  • One-on-one personalized coaching

  • On-site or virtual fitness training sessions

  • Invitations to off-site events (martial arts, lake or ocean activities, skiing, etc.)

  • Weekly or monthly live webinars and Q&A sessions

  • Personalized tracking sheets for health assessments and other components

  • Nutrition and fitness challenges

How to make a wellness program successful

  • Start from the top

    • The CEO and executive leadership team need to be on board to make this successful for the entire team. You have to be willing to be a leader.​

  • Education

    • Many programs fall short because they forget to educate the group about why they're being encouraged to make healthy changes and how these changes will impact their life in the long term.​

  • Non-contradictory

    • ​A true wellness culture doesn’t allow or tolerate things that are in extreme conflict with health (i.e. soda machines, vending machines, etc.). There will be suggestions to fill these gaps with healthy, sustainable, delicious alternatives.

  • Includes everyone

    • It's important to recognize that not everyone has the desire to lose weight. All forms of movement and nutrition are encourages so that each employee can be included in the challenges.​

  • Motivates through incentives

    • ​This program has dozens of unique examples to fit almost any company size and budget. Additional external motivation will help inspire action (action = results).  Incentives may include vacations, reduced healthcare costs, extra time off, a nicer office, company car lease, etc.

  • Measurable improvements

    • ​It's encouraged to track and measure productivity, sick time, tardiness, turnover, biometric screening results, and reduced healthcare claims.  All of which are positively affected through employee action toward health.

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