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One-on-one coaching program to permanently improve your life

Working in the health industry for several years has taught me many things, but one major thing: our relationship with our body and food is highly psychological and goes far beyond our tough exterior.


Let me tackle this in a way many of us can relate to. If you're familiar with Shrek, maybe you remember when he said "Ogres are like onions" because they have many layers. Well, humans have many layers too.


If you don't prefer Shrek's argument, you might agree with Donkey as he replied "You know, not everybody likes onions. CAKE! Everybody loves cake! Cakes have layers!" I personally like both so, the choice is yours, my friend.


I realize that when I'm working with a human who has many layers, I have to work on getting to the root of their relationship with themselves before we can make lasting behavioral changes that impact their health. It's quite often not as simple as just telling someone how to exercise or what and when to eat. 


This is why I think an approach that helps you understand the relationship you have with your body on a deeper level is so beneficial. Most of the time we don't recognize the limiting beliefs we have that are standing in the way of our progress. One-on-one coaching allows you to navigate and breakthrough these limitations so that you can live a longer, healthier life.

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